The beer must flow, not fly

Throwing a cup is not a trivial offence and can have far-reaching consequences.

There have been repeated instances of cups being thrown at home games at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK – an issue that concerns and worries us.

Throwing a cup is not a trivial offence committed in an emotional stadium environment. Many people who throw cups underestimate the risk of injury to other visitors and stadium employees, which can lead to cuts and medical treatment at the hospital, among other things. A careless throw of a cup can also have far-reaching consequences and lead to assault charges, a stadium ban, and even the abandonment of the match. Convicted offenders will also have a fine of at least €1,000 imposed on them.

On another note, cup throwing is hindering our sustainability efforts as we have been forced to revert to disposable cups in far more areas of the stadium than we had originally envisaged. In short: more disposable cups mean more disposable waste!

All of this does not make for the BVB that we want to see and that each and every one of us represents.

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