Overview BVB learning centre: Johannes Böing receives ELNET AWARD

One of the first award winners of the ELNET AWARDS is Johannes Böing, the head of the BVB learning centre.

This year, the European Leadership Network is granting the first ever ELNET AWARDS to honour exceptional engagement for Jewish life in Germany and German-Israeli relations. One of the first award winners is Johannes Böing, the head of the BVB learning centre.
The award is separated into three different categories – for social, political and cultural engagement – and each award winner receives 5,000 Euros. The winner of the award for exceptional social engagement is Johannes Böing of the BVB learning centre. In the words of the jury: ”For many years now he has harnessed the fascination for Borussia Dortmund to help inspire young people from socially deprived backgrounds for an open and diverse society and used political education to raise awareness against right-wing extremism, Islamism and Antisemitism.”
”It is our mission to use the passion surrounding Borussia Dortmund as a tool against discrimination and Antisemitism. By doing so, we fulfill football’s social responsibility,” explains Johannes Böing.
The award for outstanding political engagement went to Linus Pook (democ. – Centre for Democratic Opposition), while the award for outstanding cultural engagement was given to Arkadij Khaet (short film – Masel Tov Cocktail).
The award ceremony will be broadcast live on 23 June 2021 at 18:00 CET. With the awards, ELNET Germany, together with the Erwin Rautenberg Foundation, would like to honour personalities, projects and initiatives that are undertaking exceptional work against Antisemitism and in favour of German-Israeli relations, to give recognition and to publicly acknowledge their social enagement.

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