BVB foundation ”leuchte auf” launches fundraising campaign

Every one of us now feels the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. People are concerned. The BVB foundation ”leuchte auf” has launched a special fundraising campaign …

With you alongside us, ”leuchte auf” will support charitable organisations and initiatives that are particularly impacted by the effects of the pandemic, undertaking research into the virus and committed to working towards the good health of all people in society.

The aim of our campaign is to unite the energy of the entire BVB family and provide financial assistance here in Dortmund in order to counteract the damage caused by the state of emergency which is affecting everyone in the region.

The BVB foundation “leuchte auf” will invest one third of the proceeds of the fundraising campaign in local projects in the Dortmund area. “leuchte auf” will use its network of local charitable organisations to help distribute the donations in the best and most transparent way possible.

The remaining two thirds will be allocated to the Foundation for University Medicine in Essen, which specialises in innovative research, and the World Health Organization (WHO) respectively.

Borussia unites.

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