Overview 4th BVB action day against LGBTQI* discrimination

After a two-year Covid-enforced absence, BVB Action Day can take place once again this year at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK.

After a two-year Covid-enforced absence, BVB Action Day can take place once again this year at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK. Since 2017, three action days have been held to raise awareness of various forms of discrimination and the civil courage to challenge them. This year, the day will be held under the motto “SchwarzBuntGelb – Für mehr Vielfalt im Fußball. Gegen LSBTIQ* Feindlichkeit” (BlackRainbowYellow – For more diversity in football. Against LGBTQI* hostility).

For many years, fans, clubs and associations have been campaigning against homophobia and transphobia and for more visibility of sexual and gender diversity in football – like BVB and their gay and lesbian fan club “Rainbow Borussen”, who have become an integral part of the South Stand. Nevertheless, gay, lesbian, bisexual as well as trans*, inter* and non-binary people are still confronted with discrimination and exclusion. Reason enough to deal more intensively with this topic.

On Saturday, 19 November 2022, BVB, KoFaS, the fan initiative ballspiel.vereint! and the coordination officer for LGBTQI* of the city of Dortmund invite you to this event. As in previous years, the BVB learning centre, the BVB fan department, the Fan Project Dortmund e. V. and the fanzine Schwatzgelb.de are involved in the planning of the event as cooperation partners.

After the initial welcome, there will be a short introduction to the topics under discussion for all participants. As in previous years, there will then be the opportunity to attend various workshops both in the morning and in the afternoon. This year, there will also be an open forum where different institutions will have the opportunity to present themselves. At the end, there will be a moderated panel discussion. Vivian Bahlmann will act as host for the day and will welcome Dr Natasha A. Kelly, Nicu Rafael Burgheim, Björn Hegemann (Head of Fan Affairs BVB) and Jens Koch-Bodes (1&1) as guests.

All interested people aged 14 and over are invited to the action day. No previous knowledge is necessary for participation, and the workshops can be chosen freely in advance. It is not obligatory to be there in the morning and in the afternoon; it is also possible to attend just one workshop.

In order for both the organisers and the workshop leaders to be able to properly plan the day, it is necessary to register in advance for individual workshops. Registration for the BVB Action Day is free of charge. Food will be provided during and between the different sessions. When registering, please let us know how we can support you if you require a barrier-free visit to the action day.

Click here to access all the important information regarding the programme and schedule

Registration for the action day is available here.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at verantwortung@bvb.de.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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