KreisSportBund Unna delighted with support of ”leuchte auf”

For the third year running, KSB organised a summer holiday trip to Sundern. All under the motto: “Sport, fun and integration”.


Schoolchildren in North Rhine-Westphalia can look back fondly on more than six weeks of summer holidays, a time in which many children were able to enjoy a wide range of leisure activities offered by non-profit associations and organisations. Once again, the KreisSportBund Unna (KSB) organised a one-week holiday camp. “leuchte auf” chose to give its renewed support to this project with a donation of €3,000.

For the third year running, KSB organised a summer holiday trip to Sundern, near the Sorpesee lake. Those responsible for the project always make sure that socially disadvantaged families are able to enroll their children in the trip. This year, it was once again possible for a total of 30 children aged 10-14 to spend a week taking part in various leisure activities, all under the motto: “Sport, fun and integration”. All participants enjoyed the exciting and varied programme, which included creative handicraft lessons, games evenings, a night hike as well as various team sports such as football, volleyball and basketball.

With its regular leisure activities, KSB aims to enable socially disadvantaged youngsters to take part in social life and create a sense of togetherness among different groups of children. This includes the integration of both boys and girls from refugee backgrounds, who got the opportunity to improve their German language skills while also having fun during their stay in Sundern.

In addition to its holiday offers, KSB would like to make the families of the children taking part aware of existing opportunities to visit local sports clubs and thus allow the children to continue regularly practising the sports they became acquainted with at camp.

After an initial donation in 2018, the BVB Foundation took the decision to support the KSB Unna e.V. holiday camp for a second time this year. “We are delighted to be able to support KSB in enabling children from all walks of life to enjoy fun-packed holiday camps. The integrative nature of the project, through the involvement of children from different cultural backgrounds, ties in very well with the core philosophy of our foundation,” said Thomas Klein, team member at “leuchte auf”.

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