”step kickt!” primary school project

Borussia Dortmund will participate in the “step kickt!” primary school project initiated by the DFL Foundation and the Cleven Foundation.

Last year, Borussia Dortmund intended to participate in the “step kickt!” primary school project initiated by the DFL Foundation and the Cleven Foundation. However, the Coronavirus pandemic meant that the project could not be carried out as planned in 2020. As such, everyone involved was all the more delighted when it became clear that nothing would stand in the way of the project in 2021.

”step kickt!” is a project for primary school children from the 3rd and 4th school years, which is primarily intended to teach them about fun and the benefits of exercise and a balanced diet. Since Coronavirus has had a massive impact on the range of sports and exercise on offer in society in recent months, the content of the project has an even more significant role to play in the current situation.

BVB – one of 11 football clubs involved in the project – was able to secure Kerschensteiner primary school as a project partner. The school is very happy to allow its pupils to participate in the nationwide project, which was designed as an accessible competition for a total of 1,600 children from 72 school classes. In essence, the classes are taking part in an interactive step competition. The aim is to increase the physical activity of the children by counting the number of steps they take. For today’s start of the project, which runs until 17 June, all boys and girls were equipped with fitness bracelets. These will keep track of the steps walked by all class members. The project, which is designed as a team competition, also strengthens the sense of community within the classes. In addition to three exercise competitions, the children are also challenged by a nutrition quiz, the result of which is included in the team evaluation.

Originally, various activity days were planned throughout the duration of the project, which would have allowed the pupils of the Kerschensteiner primary school to meet with coaches from the BVB Evonik Football Academy. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic situation, this face-to-face contact has now had to be abandoned. Everyone at BVB, including project patron Sebastian Kehl, hope all participating children have a lot of fun and take as many steps as possible during the active project phase and beyond.

More information on the project can be found at: www.step-kickt.de

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