Rose and Kehl attend the first digital fan delegates conference of the season

More than 350 official BVB fan clubs attended the first digital fan delegate meeting of the new season.

More than 350 official BVB fan clubs attended the first digital fan delegate meeting of the new season last Tuesday at the invitation of the fan affairs department. New head coach Marco Rose and Sebastian Kehl, head of the licensed player division, took ample time to answer the questions posed by various BVB fan clubs. In addition, BVB managing director Carsten Cramer and Dr Christian Hockenjos, director of organisation at BVB, were involved in another round of talks.

The fan delegates conference is organised twice a year by the club’s fan representatives and serves as a forum for all BVB fan clubs to be kept up to date on developments at the club and changes in the fan-club sector. Fan-club representatives also have the opportunity to take part in Q&A sessions with special guests, such as coaches, players or members of the club management. The event usually sees hundreds of fan-club representatives gather together in the stadium.

As was the case last September and in February of this year, the event was streamed live from the stadium press conference room due to the current situation. Numerous BVB fan-club members signed on to the event from their living rooms. The club’s fan representatives were delighted to be able to welcome various BVB fan clubs from across the globe, who were able to participate in the event for the first time thanks to a simultaneous interpreter who translated into English.

After the welcome by the head of the fan affairs department, Björn Hegemann, and managing director Carsten Cramer, Nobby Dickel took his usual role to moderate the discussion rounds. In the first part, Marco Rose and Sebastian Kehl answered questions submitted by the fan clubs in recent weeks. All registered fan clubs also had the opportunity to submit their live questions to the guests by email during the event. In addition to questions about the team’s preparations for the new campaign and their season goals, the participating fan clubs were particularly interested in the start of life in Dortmund for new head coach Marco Rose.

In the second part of the discussion, Carsten Cramer and Dr. Christian Hockenjos, organisational director at Borussia Dortmund, took their turn to answer questions submitted by the BVB fan clubs. In addition to the effects of the Covid pandemic on the club, focus also turned to the upcoming home matches, which will see the partial return of fans to the stadium. Carsten Cramer reported on the current situation in the BVB offices, while Dr. Christian Hockenjos was able to provide insights into the organisational processes involved in special match operations.

After the second round of the discussion, the participants heard reports from other departments at Borussia Dortmund. Svenja Schlenker (head of the women’s football department) gave insights into the development of the newly-formed BVB women’s team and looked ahead to their first ever season. Marieke Köhler (corporate responsibility) reported on the current work of the BVB foundation ”leuchte auf”, while Sarah Hartwich (museum director of the BORUSSEUM) informed participants on the current state of the BORUSSEUM.

To close out the event, Björn Hegemann and Nicole Möller reported on the latest news from the fan affairs department. For example, they were informed that Borussia Dortmund is now implementing the PANAMA concept, which is designed to offer immediate help to people who feel uncomfortable in the stadium. In addition, the fan podcast “Vonne Süd” was highlighted and information was given on the work of the fan council in recent weeks and months. Contents of the fan council meetings will continue to be made available on the BVB website in the form of external minutes.

At the end of the digital fan delegates conference, Björn Hegemann once again thanked all fan clubs for participating and for their support and loyalty over the past weeks and months.

For questions or information regarding the fan delegates conference, please contact the fan affairs department using their regular email address fanclubs@bvb.de.

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