Give us your black market tickets!

Borussia Dortmund is stepping up the fight against the black market. The club with the highest average attendance figures in Europe is looking to help prevent ticket abuse and stop third parties from getting rich on the passion and love of our real fans.


For many years, Borussia Dortmund has prosecuted illegal ticket sellers under civil law and has been successful in court, imposing sanctions in several cases. The fight against the black market is now set to be given a boost in the long-term – with the help of the fans. The campaign is a joint action of several Bundesliga clubs under the motto of a “Red card to the black market” for tickets.

We would like to ask all visitors to the stadium who have purchased their tickets at inflated prices – be it online or around the stadium – to give them back to us after the game. They can do this either in one of the seven boxes set up at the exits for that purpose (two in the South-East and a total of five spread across the North) or using the new online tool that we have set up on our homepage.

Every ticket has a digital footprint. That means that we can track who originally purchased the ticket. So we are taking the first step towards issuing a warning to the initial purchasers and banning them from buying any more tickets.

All evidence provided will be treated in confidence and will be processed in accordance with the data protection regulations. Those buying black market tickets do not have to fear any consequences. All information provided to help fight the illegal black market for tickets is voluntary. You can help support all other fans in the fight against the black market and at the same time increase the number of tickets that get into the hands of real fans. Anyone buying tickets at inflated prices is indirectly supporting the black market.

These measures are expressly not targeting people who have to sell their tickets for a normal price at short notice. In this case, however, as a rule, we recommend that for sold-out home games, you use the Secondary Ticket Market Platform we launched almost three years ago so you can buy and sell tickets at a fair price. Borussia Dortmund would like to make it clear that we are only looking to find the people who have sold tickets at inflated prices.

Keep away from ticket touts, as the tickets you buy from them may already have been blocked – and you may not get into the stadium!

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