SIP Assessment and Treatment Centre

“We’re doing our job,” says Lars Rettstadt, a specialist in general medicine with a private practice in Dortmund-Scharnhorst. In reality, he is doing two jobs at present – though he doesn’t make a big deal of it; he’s not one to make a fuss or expect special thanks. He simply knows his stuff and gets on with it. During the current corona pandemic, Rettstadt is simultaneously serving as the head doctor at the Assessment and Treatment Centre that was set up spontaneously and at short notice in Signal Iduna Park upon request from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Westfalen-Lippe (KVWL).
Rettstadt is particularly satisfied with this solution; he believes that the situation on site can scarcely be compared with the two other centres in Dortmund, which use containers and initially had to make do with draughty tents as waiting areas. That’s alright as it is, but the conditions here allow for significantly better structured treatment procedures to be conducted in a very short space of time. The idea was proposed, BVB immediately approved, now it’s up and running so that help can be provided.
On average, 70 people per day have since been visiting the spacious premises, where keeping a distance is no problem at all. Nothing special needs to be brought with them; all they need is between one and one and a half hours to spare. Two treatment teams take care of the patients, perform diagnoses and take swabs for further examination when there is a suspected case. Protective clothing, goggles and breathing masks are provided to ensure that medical personnel are protected.
As a Dortmund native, Lars Rettstadt needed little introduction to the area. As a “BVB fan with a genetic predisposition”, he is in a home setting. And he wouldn’t have had any other plans on 4 April anyway. “BVB against Bayern, I had tickets…”