Picking the

right tone.

Picking the right tone.

Fan, trainee, part of the team.

"You don't have to be a fan, but isn't it great if you love your job?" That's at least how René Richter, a trainee at BVB, sees it. Successfully navigating the online application process, interview, assessment centre and final interview is no small feat, so take pride in being a high-flyer! René successfully completed his apprenticeship as a retail sales agent and is now also training to become a media designer. BVB values such commitment and in addition to modern workplaces offers exciting jobs. Everyone says that, but who can claim to be one of Germany's biggest promoters, a system cater and top chef, a producer and retailer, an online shop and social media star, a place of learning and a travel service provider, humble yet bold, all in one? Exactly!

"Working at the FanWelt service centre, you see a lot of players come in. With family and friends, totally casual and discreet. Mum's the word! I could tell so many other cool stories about my job. But there are strict rules on that."

BVB is a training centre at heart – training is the key to success! It's all about staying grounded and structuring and giving ideas a chance in a flat organisation. That's what counts when managing growth like BVB is. We are shaping the foundation for this by providing training in 11 career fields. Taking responsibility counts: "As media designer, I'm responsible for selecting the right shade of BVB yellow. The tone has to be right." René flashes a grin, adding, "That also applies to us. Looks good!"