Dortmund, life, BVB.

From "Uns verbindet Borussia", "Ballspiel vereint", "Fanprojekt" or "Borussentreff" to "The Unity" – BVB offers a huge variety of groups and initiatives. A veritable hive of activity. Breaking up this close-knit community is out of the question. And why would you? Everyone knows, appreciates and helps one another. "That's BVB: You grew up with and think you understand the club. Then a door opens and you see another world," says Beatrix Schleiken, one of the Department of Fan Affairs' five board members. And she should know. After all, she's one of approximately three hundred well-connected volunteers. She's all in: Heinrich-Czerkus fan club, the Fan Council, women's issues...

She's always been a BVB supporter and is a proud season ticket owner. But there are many ways to pick up the BVB cause and help: you can read stories at the children's hospital, volunteer at the Zehnthof nursing home's Christmas parties or at the "Gasthaus" homeless shelter, or donate Christmas gifts at city hall or to "Projekt Ankommen", a non-profit organisation helping refugees. After all, Borussia unites!

"Football – it's a woman's world (too)" was the title of BVB's most recent day of action in May 2019. The purpose of these events is to take a stand against discrimination. "Discrimination also takes place in stadiums, every stadium for that matter. That's why volunteers from other clubs also like to attend these events. I believe we're pretty good at this." Ever count the number of hours you've volunteered? "I have better things to do!