Welcome to BVB!

BVB's headquarters building is no stranger to well-known sports and media personalities. But Claudia Griffin, who works at reception, takes this in stride: "What's really fascinating is the wide variety of people who reach out to BVB. From 'celebrities' to player agents to long-time fans who urgently need to speak with Michael Zorc to discuss plans for the roster: the whole gamut – it's all very bustling!"
Michael Zorc is of course not spontaneously available. Nevertheless, the opinions aired over the phone Mondays after sub-par performances can be rather strong. Claudia Griffin never takes that personally: "The fans agonise with us and are looking for a way to express their frustrations or joy. I'm right there with them and can assure you that I feel the same way!"
Our workload is as diverse as the people we meet. "Say, Claudia, who's responsible for..." From confidently fielding calls and transferring the caller to the right department, overseeing the digital visitor management system, handling data protection and security matters, and helping and advising new employees, our receptionists often serve as the help desk for 850 of their colleagues.
"What impresses me the most is the fan community's commitment and solidarity. For example, after every home match, Conny* makes his rounds through the stadium and the surrounding area and brings me any lost wallets, season tickets, etc. he finds – a matter of honour! We then get to work to returning the items along with any items left behind at the "Helmbude" left luggage service station. Or how about the lady that prays for BVB before every home match. Or the fan that needs his season ticket replaced because it was shredded – marital dispute..."
They all have one thing in common: They want to feel welcomed at BVB, or there'll be a high price to pay. "Knowing what you can say and what you must say – that's the key." You have to be firm but engaging: "How long does it take to get from here to the stadium?" "At my pace, eight minutes..."
*Name has been changed