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Ready, willing, always available.

"Always staying informed, being experienced and showing compassion are essential. You have to be born for this job," says Nico Miscione. "The customer service hotline is how we talk directly to our fans. When the fans call us, they're calling home." These aren't always easy conversations to have – you don't mince words in Dortmund. Fans call about season tickets, incorrect kit sizes, or to let off steam after a home loss. Or after a win. "There's always something," says Nico, grinning.

"We're here for our fans, try to find solutions and in most cases can help them directly. About 150,000 times a year." If it's more complicated, we follow up internally and get back to the customer. "We almost always have an answer within 48 hours." The customer service rep is a fan advocate. And sometimes we're just there to listen. "People share a lot of personal details, and if they feel the need to talk, we'll listen." This is where modern technology steps in to help, letting the customer service reps know on the monitor when there's a backlog of calls.

Away fans routinely ask for directions. Dealing with lads dreaming of a professional career requires considerably more tact. "After some conservations you need time to recharge." But you also look forward to senior citizens calling to ask about BVB TV because they can't travel to the stadium any more. The customer service reps often pass on information. "We want to get better. If there's an issue, you have to take a closer look." Product ideas for the fan shop, app improvements or sticking points on match days. "We were very interested in the feedback about the 500 season tickets that had been terminated due to no-shows. The ticket holders were upset, but many fans congratulated us. Sold out is great – a packed house is even better!"