Dennis Rother
BVB head chef

„Taste is all that matters?“

Lunch for the professional squad, bratwurst in the stadium, crunchy pepper strips with dip as a little snack for the kids – it’s all quite a mix, but part and parcel of the job for Dennis Rother. “My job is about ensuring that the right foods are served to suit the occasion.”

And it all has to be well thought-out, because the quantities involved are always substantial. Every little detail also helps to avoid waste and save energy or resources. “Every professional dreams of developing their own meal plan and then cooking it down to the very last detail. This helps athletes to improve their performance and prevent injury. However, making plans for 81,000 spectators is a different challenge entirely, and one that changes from match day to match day. The food on offer ranges from vegan options to bratwurst. Hundreds of events are held between match days in Signal Iduna Park‘s VIP lounges every year. And yes, we want to offer our BVB colleagues healthy food options in the canteen as well. It’s all quite a mix – I love it!”

Good planning is essential to prevent chaos. “Without clockwork-like precision, everything would come to a standstill. Every cog in the wheel interlocks with another one. And I’m not just talking about costs. It would be completely irresponsible if we had to throw away copious amounts of food due to poor planning. Here in the kitchen, we have a sense of respect for the food we prepare.”