(23+200) *x

Pumps, conveyor machines and compactors – a stadium full of technical equipment! When everything's in full swing and heating up at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, the air conditioning has to work. That's another way to explain the equation. "23 home matches plus 200 other events per season and this over the next few years. Expressed in numbers, that's what my future looks like."
Jörg Börnard is Deputy Operations Manager at the stadium. He's at his home away from home almost every day to make sure everything is running smoothly. "With over 80,000 fans and a small army of service staff in the stadium everything has to work." That's why things are constantly being measured, metered, checked, serviced, replaced and modernised. "The stadium has grown in size. You have to learn to compromise."
That doesn't just apply to the performance on the pitch and the experience in the stadium, but also at home. "The new high-performance floodlights mean that we can broadcast the match in 4K UHD and 8K UHD. Adding the LED boards in the uppers stands made sense economically. Both are so energy efficient that our electricity bill will not increase as a result. Top performance is what allows us to be environmentally responsible."
An analysis of potential was conducted to determine where energy and resources could be saved in the future. "We have identified the important issues: heating and cooling, electricity usage, metering, management and how we use resources. Now we have to see what works for us long term."
This also includes corresponding investments. "Difficult decisions during the coronavirus pandemic." Going forward, the individual match plan will consist of managing the complex mix of the local circumstances, technical solutions that work and our responsibility for setting ambitious environmental goals. "The match really pumps us up. But when it comes to everything else, we have to keep a cool head."