Ava Jassem
BVB supervisor, west terrace

„Not quite what you would call a break.“

“When the referee blows the half-time whistle, many people only have one thing in mind: getting a quick drink and snack before the next half starts. Hopefully without having to stand in long queues. With 81,000 spectators, this means that several hundred employees have to go into overdrive. After all, the more smoothly things run on the circulation levels and in the VIP boxes, the happier our spectators are and the better the atmosphere.” Ava Jassem knows what she is talking about. She coordinates the complex processes that ensure that everything runs smoothly, in particular at half time. A bratwurst and beer are the half-time classics.

But there are also some 4,400 VIPs and guests of sponsors in the stadium on match days who have to be waited on hand and foot before, during and after the match in the VIP boxes and lounges. In addition to fast service, the focus is naturally on the quality of the products and hygiene before and during food preparation. “The fact that system catering is able to meet all of these requirements at the very highest level is not least thanks to the procurement expertise of our colleagues from BVB Event & Catering GmbH and the professionalism shown by the employees of our service providers.”

Seasonal and regional availability are also important factors when planning meals. This ensures that visitors can enjoy fresh and varied products. Exacting certifications in food preparation call for routine processes and ongoing (further) training for employees. “Food safety isn’t something that can just be taken for granted. We always keep our eye on the ball. After all, our visitors include our family and friends.”