Andreas Goldberg
Member of Fanclub BVB International e.V.

„When match day comes around, the whole of Dortmund’s Kreuzviertel is caught up in black and yellow hysteria.“

“There are BVB fans the world over. As members of Fanclub BVB International, our favourite haunt before the game on a match day is on Kreuzstrasse. You can really feel the sense of anticipation in the run-up to the match throughout the entire district. Countless other fan clubs, or sometimes just groups of friends, come here to meet up, too. Many of them have been familiar faces for years now.”

Andreas Goldberg set the fan club up in 1999 to bring people from different backgrounds around the world together based on their shared passion for BVB. Since then, he has enjoyed countless trips abroad and has welcomed countless visitors to Kreuzstrasse.

“When we’re not at home and mention that we’re from Dortmund, people automatically think of BVB. And just like that you can talk for hours – football transcends all language barriers.”

Many club members have a season ticket: “They‘re not at all easy to come by.” But not every guest manages to secure one of the highly sought-after match day tickets either. Hence the giant flat-screen TV in the “TV room”. Right next to the TV is a pile of mattresses: “We’re used to it and it’s not something we want to change. That’s why fan clubs like ours exist. After all, we‘ve all needed a place to sleep before.”